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M&A Advisory and Value Growth for Entrepreneurs

Comset Corporate Finance, a member of Nordic Growth Group, serves entrepreneurs in their M & A transaction needs.

We execute transactions for entrepreneurs, including M & A and financing. We strive to make true value of a company visible to all parties so it is reflected in the price and other terms. Our personal contacts with owners of over 2000 companies bring potential buyers and acquisition targets closer. Nordic Growth Group offers services focusing on owner value, including transactions and value growth.

Our main focus sectors are ICT & Media, B2B, B2C and industry.


The alternative approaches for business owner regarding the future are: 1. Hold, 2. Hold and develop, 3. Join forces, 4. Develop and sell, 5. Sell. Each of these alternative ways to go forward consists of alternative paths, which are critical to recognize before choosing one.

M & A Advisory

When it is time to sell your company we will execute the transaction based on your needs and goals. We also help with transferring the company to the next generation, focusing on commercial aspects, but delivering the full package including tax and legal advice.

We execute efficiently and with purpose, succeeding or failing quickly – you only pay for results, which are visible when agreed. Our approach of active owner’s view of business sets us apart from the competition. We scan the market opportunities and trends, and the internal strengths that provide competitive advantage to find out the value drivers of the business. We present the strengths of the business to potential buyers in detail with supporting facts. Seller gets the best possible price and targeted result.

M & A advice is always charged as performance based compensation. The service includes legal advice and documentation. Tax advice is available as an option.

Value growth

Value growth projects consist of concrete, well planned and executed operative and strategic actions that grow the value of the company. Often the most effective and fastest way is to acquire another company. The actions are always designed for each company individually, taking into account owners’ agenda. It is up to the owners to realize the value of the company as higher dividends, or through the sale of the business. Value growth program fees are based on results – we share risk of value growth.

More about Nordic Growth Group services and philosophy: www.nordicgrowth.com


Erkki Hietalahti
Tel. +358 40 578 4110 erkki.hietalahti [at] comset.fi Investment banking and private equity background. Cross-border transactions and strategic realignment
Vesa Hopia
Tel: +358 40 841 5816 vesa.hopia (at) comset.fi Corporate finance and financial management background. M & A transactions and corporate actions.
Tuula Jalonen
Tel: +358 40 751 0018 tuula.jalonen (at) comset.fi Administration and organization background. Operations management and process flow.
Asko Kapanen
Tel: +358 40 055 1471 asko.kapanen (at) comset.fi Transactions, sales and marketing background as entrepreneur. Exit process and value growth actions.
Tiina Karhula
tiina.karhula (at) comset.fi Sales and marketing background as entrepreneur. Customer contacts and marketing.
Matias Pönniö
Tel: +358 40 839 1986 matias.ponnio (at) comset.fi Investment and corporate finance analysis background. Company value and balance sheet analysis.


Comset Corporate Finance – References
Numbers 300+ projects
200+ customers
Project types M&A advisory
Impulse® – Value growth services
Sectors ICT & Media

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Erkki Hietalahti
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Vesa Hopia
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Tuula Jalonen
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